Breads – Appetizers – Focaccia


01- Bread

Served with olive oil or butter.

02- Garlic bread and aioli

03-Garlic and tomato bread

04-Bread with garlic, tomato and melted mozzarella cheese

05- Italian olives

With anchovy flavour.

06- Iberian cebo ham board

Served with homemade peppers.

07- Tabla de mortadella di Bologna

Served with artisan peppers and ricotta.

08- Iberian cured ham and mortadella from Bologna

Served with homemade peppers.

09- Iberian ham and cured sheep’s cheese platter

Served with homemade peppers.

10- Italian Foccacia

With garlic, olive oil, salt flakes and oregano.

11- Rosemary Foccacia

Rosemary, olive oil and sea salt.

12- Foccacia Bianca

With mozzarella, cherry tomato confit and basil.

13- Foccacia Costa Caleta

With natural tomato and goat cheese.