25- Tuna tartar

With olives, capers, tomato confit, oil, salt and pepper.

26- Salmon tartar

With pistachio, lime, mint, fruit reduction.

27- Simmental beef carpaccio

Matured for 60 days, seasoned with Maldon salt, olive oil, black pepper and parmesan flakes.

28- Avocado Spring

With prawns, pineapple, cocktail sauce.

29- Melon with Iberian ham

30- Burrata with mortadella and pistachios

31- Mussels marinara

With the typical Italian tomato sauce.

32- Mussels in cream sauce

Sautéed with garlic, mussel juice, white wine and cream reduction.

33- Prawns in tempura

Served with cocktail sauce.

34- Prawns with garlic

Garlic prawns with olive oil and brandy flambé.

35- Chopitos fried

Served with aioli.

36- Garlic mushrooms

37- Vegetable and mushroom grill

Seasonal vegetables with paprika aioli.

38- Fried Camembert

Served with fresh blueberry jam

39- Croquettes of Iberian ham “5 jotas”

40- Prawn croquettes

41- Padrón peppers

42- Saharan squid fried in tempura

43- Grilled baby squid

Served with majada and black aioli.

44- Fried anchovies

45- Marinated dogfish


46- Grilled octopus

Served with mashed potatoes.

47- Octopus Luciana style

With natural tomato, garlic and chilli peppers.

48- Tagliata of veal loin of beef

Served with rocket and parmesan.

49- Wrinkled potatoes

With red and green mojos.